Legal Geek Conference – top tweets part 1




Here is a small selection of great tweets from today’s #Legalgeek conference. More to follow!


#Legalgeek launching incubator in London



“Zero R&D spend in the UK legal industry – astonishing” 


“We have to link tech to client outcomes” “Better, faster, cheaper”




“To experiment you have to be happy to wander and make some mistakes. Just make sure you learn along the way and apply”


“Academics as the secret weapon of legal start-ups”



“AI is going to have the same impact as electronic calculators did in the 60s/70s”



“Legal is full of latent markets, vast amount of unmet services needs”



“building community is all about building communities and connecting the digital Davids and the enterprise Goliaths”



“The brain of Big Law is not broken – it’s just a matter of getting the arms and legs to move.”