Month: January 2018

Enforcd is 1 of only 10 companies selected for the FinTech SuperCharger Hong Kong 2018

Enforcd, has beaten off stiff competition to become one of only 10 companies chosen to take part in the FinTech SuperCharger Hong Kong 2018.  

From amongst 277 companies based in 43 countries, Enforcd emerged as one of the 10 FinTech companies most likely to make a significant impact on Hong Kong’s financial ecosystem.  

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How Financial Services Firms Can Learn from the Lessons of the Past

Learning from the lessons of the past can help the financial services industry ride the rough regulatory waves of 2018.

Fear of failure. It’s something we all feel at one time or another, and it can hold us back from truly achieving our goals.

However, if we learn lessons from the past, failure can be one of the best teaching tools around.

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What does Brexit mean for financial services regulation in the UK?

The uncomfortable answer is: nobody’s entirely sure. What we do know is that Brexit will be a huge regulatory challenge.

Brexit is coming – probably, at some point in the next couple of years, we think. Depending on which way you voted, that either makes you extremely happy or incredibly angry. However, a year and a half on from the vote, the only certainty is uncertainty, and that creates an enormous regulatory headache for financial services.

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GDPR: Big Challenge, Bigger Opportunity

Are you ready for the GDPR?  If not, it’s time to work fast, because the GDPR represents a big challenge as well as an enormous opportunity.

Much has been written about the arrival of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and judging from many of the articles you might be forgiven for believing Armageddon is on its way! Yes, there are challenges, but it also allows more enterprising businesses to realise all sorts of benefits.

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Competent Employees: How to Train Effectively

What can companies do to demonstrate – to themselves, regulators and customers – that they only recruit people who have the appropriate skillset and expertise for the roles they are performing? 

We look at the implications of poorly designed and implemented training.

Every regulated company is obliged by law to ensure that its workers comply with the “Competent Employees Rule”, as detailed in the FCA and PRA handbooks.

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Why now is the time to embrace RegTech

Regulators are asking some tough questions, but RegTech can help financial services firms find the answers if they are willing to embrace new technology.

Banks and financial institutions face a challenging landscape. In a post-financial crash world, they are coming under intense regulatory scrutiny, but at the same time, they face a market which is becoming ever-more complicated and challenging. However, innovative RegTech could be the solution to their angst.

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Financial Services Regulation: What to Expect in 2018

It’s a busy, demanding and unpredictable year ahead in the world of financial services regulation.

Happy New Year!

Now, buckle up because 2018 is likely to be a regulatory minefield.  New technologies, new rules and a fresh landscape all have the potential to create enormous problems. Some companies are better set up than others.

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