Month: February 2018

How can you encourage all staff to take responsibility for managing conduct?

In this third post in our series reflecting on Megan Butler’s speech to the FT Investment Managers Summit, we look at how you can encourage all staff to take responsibility for managing conduct.

Risk management is suddenly flying up the corporate agenda. As regulators increase their expectations, the financial services are responding. Even so, many firms still have a gap in understanding between the executives in the boardroom and the professionals at the coal face. That’s a major problem because as Megan Butler of the FCA said back in September, the landscape is evolving fast.

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What proactive steps do you take to identify conduct risks in your business?

As the second post in our series of seven blogs on the FCA’s increasing focus on corporate conduct we look at what steps a business can take to identify conduct risks.

Many years ago, Donald Rumsfeld attracted widespread derision for his speech about ‘known unknown’ and ‘unknown unknowns’. It was clumsy, perhaps, but he was onto something. In the business world there are many things we don’t know. Some we’re aware of, but others would take us completely by surprise. The same is true in the regulatory environment.

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5 Basic Conduct Questions Financial Services Firms Must Ask Themselves

In the first part of a series of seven blog posts, we look at the 5 basic conduct questions that arose out of Megan Butler’s speech at the AFT Investment Summit last year.

In September 2017, Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision – Investment, Wholesale and Specialists at the FCA, gave a speech on “Where next for investment and asset management regulation?”

She was speaking at a time when the investment community is facing a host of challenging questions.

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Regulating the Blockchain

The blockchain has enormous potential for compliance officers, but rule makers are still struggling to work out how to regulate it.

Recently Gibraltar announced it was becoming the first country to formally regulate the blockchain as it issued licenses to fintech firms which plan to use the blockchain. As it did so it staked its claim to become one of the most favourable environments for blockchain start-ups in the world.

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Problem KIDs: PRIIPs Run into Early Trouble

As Hargreaves Lansdown and other platforms suspend hundreds of investment trusts, are the PRIIPs regulations doomed already?

The new PRIIPs (Packaged retail investment and insurance-based products) Guidelines claimed their first casualties when UK investment advisors moved to suspend some funds for failing to comply with new EU rules. As other funds struggle to fulfil their obligations the early life of PRIIPs is proving to be anything but plain sailing.

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