Month: May 2018

Australia gets new super ombudsman

Same wine in a different bottle or a radical new approach to complaints handling? It all depends on who you talk to.

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Improving Culture in Financial Services

As the FCA submits its discussion paper on transforming culture, how can regulators move business culture in the direction it wants?

Big business – especially the financial services – has a big problem: trust. As story after story appears in the press about poor culture, the sector needs to get a grip. The question is how. To answer that question the FCA has released a discussion paper entitled transforming culture. Drawing on input from experts, academics and thought-leaders from around the world, it presents the regulator’s own roadmap for the future.

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Regime change – Australia guns for greater accountability

As Australia passes the Bank Executive Accountability Regime firms will need to decide how they are going to react.

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A Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer

Compliance officers perform a crucial role in any financial company, but what do they do with their days and how is the role changing?

There aren’t many children who tell their parents they want to be compliance officers. Indeed, there are plenty of people within a firm who might look down on them – giving them the slightly derogatory term ‘business prevention department’. However, that’s not quite right. Most would see it as business preservation and in an increasingly fast-moving regulatory environment, their role has become more important than ever.

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The Key Conduct Challenges Confronting Financial Services Firms

Concluding our series reflecting on Megan Butler’s speech to the FT Investment Managers Summit, we examine the key conduct challenges confronting corporations.

As we were writing this, the fallout of the Carillion collapse was unfolding live on the news websites. With each day – even hour – it seems we’re treated to fresh and even more disturbing revelations. The response from the public seems to be a roll of the eyes at another corporation found to be failing in its duty.

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What business activities might undermine good conduct in your firm?

In this 6th post in our series reflecting on Megan Butler’s speech to the FT Investment Managers Summit, we look at what factors might undermine good conduct in your firm.

Well placed intentions are laudable, but what happens if your day to day operations work against it?

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