Month: August 2018

ESMA Gets Tough on Spread Betting

The ESMA’s new rules on financial spread betting came into force on August 1, and spread betting platforms are working hard to find their feet.

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Getting a Better Deal for Women in Business

The FCA has said that the senior managers regime include allegations of sexual misconduct, but are regulators doing everything they can to improve the lot for women in business.

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Pensions: The Next Generation

An aging population and a lack of money in the pot mean there could be tough times ahead for the next generation of pensioners. Can the FCA do anything about it?

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FMSB Shows Financial Industry Repeating Same Mistakes

A new report paints a lurid picture of two centuries of bad behaviour in the world of finance.

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FCA to Crack Down on Payment Platforms…. Eventually

The FCA has released its interim report for payment platforms. While it takes a softer line than many people expected there are still plenty of criticisms. 

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