Month: October 2018

When the Going Gets Tough

New regulations and innovative products make life difficult for the regulators, but they also mean they are increasingly important.

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Google Data Breach: A Question of Trust

Google’s admission that it covered up an enormous data breach should serve as a warning to any firm which is tempted to do the same thing.

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Held to Ransom – The Hidden Cyber Threat

Financial organisations are furiously building their defences, but here’s one threat they might not have taken into consideration. What secrets are their employees hiding?

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FCA Threatens Huge Fines on Cyber crime

£30 million – that’s a fair bit of money for anyone, even a bank. But that’s how much the FCA is considering fining Tesco Bank for failing to prevent a major cyber-attack back in 2016. It’s a clear warning to the entire banking system to up its game in the face of the rising tide of cyber crime.

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