Month: November 2018

Draft Withdrawal Bill? Why the Banks Aren’t Celebrating Yet

Business as usual – at least for a little while. That’s the message from Theresa May’s draft withdrawal plan, but the banking sector don’t seem to be popping the champagne just yet. And if you want to see why even a permanent deal on access to banking services could be problematic, you only have to cast your eyes over to Switzerland.

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FCA Updates Guidance on PPI

The FCA’s final guidance on PPI claims means banks could have to reopen thousands of rejected cases.

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No Deal Brexit: Preparing for the Worst

The financial regulator is stepping up its preparations for a no deal Brexit, so how concerned should we be?

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FCA Consults on Illiquid Funds

Good, bad or indifferent? The FCA is making moves to correct what it sees as small problems with illiquid funds, but what will be the impact for fund managers?

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