Waymark Tech GDPR subprocessor information

Waymark Tech is required by Article 28 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to disclose its subprocessors where Waymark Tech itself is acting as a data processor. The below document, Enterprise-Wide Subprocessors, contains the list of third-party subprocessors used across Waymark Tech products and services. Any of our products with unique subprocessors not on this Enterprise-Wide list will be identified in a product specific document below. Waymark Techs’ affiliate entities may also be considered subprocessors where Waymark Tech is acting as a data processor.  Please ensure your portal registration information is correct and kept up to date so to receive updates and changes to our subprocessors. For any general privacy or specific GDPR questions, please contact  privacy.enquiries@waymark.tech. For other product GDPR information please click here.

Enterprise Wide Subs 3.5.18