COVID - 19 Response

During these greatly uncertain times, the various regulators and numerous legal firms are publishing a large amount of information on COVID-19. Markets around the world continue to operate and Waymark Tech recognises that financial organisations need to stay ahead of the rapidly changing advice now more than ever.

 For this reason, Waymark Tech has announced that it is pulling all announcements by regulators and law firms into one place on its regulatory platform to make it easier to access these updates on how financial bodies are responding to the situation. 

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Michal Kratochvil Former Director Accenture Consulting

“These days consultants can't live without tools like Waymark”

COO, Group Compliance Top Tier Financial Services Firm

“Waymark’s on-demand service allows us to request any given body of regulatory documents and receive a set of files that can be directly loaded into our solution.  Prior to having access to this service, the time to set up a series of deconstructed regulatory documents was measured in man-months, now it is measured in man-hours.”

Associate Director, Consulting Top Tier Consulting Firm

"A significant value-add for both our clients, as well as our own consulting teams, Wayfinderis providing a complete, word-tagged and cross-linked set of regulatory documentation.  Our ability to quickly make any body of regulations available, uniquely differentiates our market offering.”


Recommends specific Articles from regulations:

Know more - Enhance the quality and volume of your expertise and the speed of training.

Know before - Move faster than your competitors and adopt the right strategies for your clients.

Impress your clients - Identify those clients impacted by new/amended regulations and be proactive in approaching them before they come to you.

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